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Who is triangulating now?

Obama votes the right way (in favor) of all amendments that failed to pass and the wrong way (legalizing warrantless wiretapping and sanctioning telecomm immunity) on the FISA bill while Hilary votes the right way. Amazing what not being burdened by presidential ambitions can do to your judgment. Dr. Lessig bemoans the recent missteps of the Obama campaign and I think he is being generous when he says that the campaign is self-swiftboating. Whether you are a “crank” that cares about the fourth and the constitution or a die-hard Obama-fan this does not bode well. He is effectively reneging on a promise he made to an important and vocal faction of his base and once again letting the Republicans frame the issue as a false choice between security and civil-liberties. You don’t stand a chance of winning a debate that’s framed by the other side. And as Dr.Lessig and countless others have pointed out this provides more fodder for the “flip-flopper” attack from the Republicans that the all-too-willing msm will lap up and repeat ad-nauseam.


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Goodbye copper, welcome Indium Phosphide

We are not anywhere close to traveling at the speed of light, but we could be close to computing at the speed of light.  Researchers at UCSB and Intel have found a way to use lasers to send around information on a computer chip. It does appear to be a quantum leap in computing research. If the research really holds up and can scale then this is pretty monumental.  Not your garden variety breakthrough and the reporter is justified in using words like “holy-grail” and “final-frontiers”.

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How come you can’t tell the difference between these two colors?

We have known for a some time now that some women can multi-task better (compared to men) and now we find out that about 2-3% of them can also discern more colors. Tetrachromats can theoretically see upto 100 million colors, while your average Joe caps out at a million. Although, for yours truly 10 is a stretch. That discovery makes me feel a lot better, I can blame it on genetics. Piece of advise for all you aspiring Internal Designer dudes, forget about it, why would you want to get into a field where the playing field is not level.

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